About us

The Glubina Investment Group started in 2014, 

inspired by Dmitry Gusev, its managing partner in charge of the group’s development strategy.  

Mr. Gusev’s experience in the real estate market dates back to 1992. The numerous ups and downs that Mr. Gusev and his colleagues have been through for over 23 years have developed into a wealth of invaluable knowledge and skills which underlie the group’s business philosophy, Protected Property Investments. 

 The group’s key area of expertise is investments in real estate assets. 

 Based on our own investment and technology platform, we also offer: 

 - To investors, managing investments in real property and related instruments;

- To major property owners, managing facilities and real properties as investment resources;  

- To developers, utilizing project financing and refinancing of completed properties; 

- To operators, financing the purchase of special-purpose properties; arranging lease transactions.